Équipe L.McComber

L. McComber — Living architecture

Since 2005, L. McComber has been dedicated to designing unique concepts of varied scope and context. From designing built-in furnitures and interiors to multi-units dwelling and adapting existing buildings for residential, commercial or cultural purposes, our broad experience makes our success. We engage the specificity of each project and deliver a contemporary solution. As well-rounded practitioners, we have the ability to translate your ideas and the project constraints into a custom design while addressing all functional requirements. We use design as a strategic process to generate tailored welcoming spaces speaking to everyday needs. Our passion for the art of building is expressed in our sustainable, durable, energy-efficient solutions.

Awards and Prizes
Vivre le chantier Sainte-Cath, finaliste — 2016
Frédéric-Metz prize and Commerce Design Montréal,
Boulangerie Guillaume — 2015
Grand Prix du Design, Clinique Diaphane — 2015
Prix d’excellence OAQ, Juliette aux combles and
Clinique Diaphane, finalistes — 2015
Prix d’excellence OAQ, Lauréat Lignes aériennes — 2009

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