Celsius  |  

The solar igloo—a reinterpretation of a traditional Inuit shelter. Its inner shape, with a zenithal light well, incorporates features of the primitive refuge. Insulated from noise and the cold by a thick layer of repurposed clothing, it uses solar energy to heat and light up the inside. Its air heating panels, built into the south wall, capture heat from the day’s sun and store it in a bank, which radiates its energy in the evening. Photovoltaic cells on the roof charge a battery that powers zenithal lighting when night falls. A quiet escape in the middle of the hustle and bustle, Celsius invites you to enjoy an introspective…and eco friendly calm!

Architecture |  L. McComber ltée

Team  |  Laurent McComber — David Grenier, Olivier Lord, Philip Staszewski, Emmanuelle Lauzier

Publications  |  La Presse+ — january 2017, Écohabitation — january 2017

Location  |  Village Nordik, Igloofest — Place des Vestiges, Vieux-Port de Montréal

Year  |  2017

Superficie  |  144 pc

Budget  |  10 000$

Photography  |  Raphaël Thibodeau