Guillaume sur la Main  |  

Converting a commercial space on Saint-Laurent Boulevard into an artisan bakery

When he moved his business to a larger space, the artisanal baker wanted to maintain an intimate relationship with his customers. To achieve this goal, the architect placed his baking production centre stage, in plain view of the customer. From flour storage to ement, kneading and shaping, rising and baking, the trajectory from ingredients to dough and then to bread is exposed to curious onlookers. Stored on the mezzanine, the flour is combined with water and yeast in a large dough mixer forming part of the guard rail. A stainless-steel dough chute transports the soon-to-be bread to the ground floor. Clearly visible, the oven stands imposingly in the central axis of the space as a symbol of abundance. Made from laser-cut steel components, the bread racks are built around removable baskets that make it easy to place the bread on display. In front of the bakery, a long safety-yellow band catches the attention of people strolling along Saint-Laurent Boulevard, with the word “boulangerie” on one side, and “Guillaume” on the other.

Architecture |  L. McComber ltée

Team  |  David Grenier, Laurent McComber

Consultants  |  Atelier Chinotto

Construction  |  Nicora

Distinction  |  Prix Frédéric-Metz 2015

Publication  |  The Gazette – may 2015

Location  |  Mile-End, Montréal

Year  |  2014

Photography  |  Steve Montpetit