Le phare Bota Bota  |  

A new canvas pavilion invites passersby in Vieux-Port to relax on their way to the spa on the water

In front of the emblematic no. 5 grain silos, an old information booth sat empty waiting for a new lease on life. The Bota Bota floating spa seized the opportunity to give itself a greater presence on the boardwalk by setting up an information and sales booth, with the added offering of foot baths and massages for people strolling past. Dressing up the existing steel structure in a white translucent canvas, the architects gave the pavilion a new lightness. The space between the canvas and the glass walls forms a small ambulatory, showcasing the history of the Arthur Cardin ferry boat turned spa. In the evening, the curtain retracts into a dark grey fabric cylinder, whose illuminated top is reminiscent of a lighthouse in the fog.

Architecture |  L. McComber – architecture vivante

Team  |  Philip Staszewski, David Grenier, Olivier Lord et Laurent McComber

Construction  |  Sollertia

Location  |  Vieux-Port, Montréal

Year  |  2017

Photography  |  Raphaël Thibodeau