Laurent McComber, arch. senior

A father, yogi, cyclist and business owner, Laurent is first and foremost an architect at heart. In 2005, he founded his agency and obtained his general contractor’s licence. Until 2012, L. McComber offered a combined service of architectural design and construction. At the same time, Laurent also taught at Université de Montréal and UQAM. Active in his trade, he prepares many of the questions for the Canada-wide professional examination for architects. His extensive construction experience and ability to turn complex ideas into elegant practical solutions make him a remarkable architect.

Olivier Lord, junior arch.

Holding a professional master of architecture at University of Montreal with a focus on historical preservation, Olivier loves small-scale designs and its expression through local archetypes. Passoniate about crafts, he enjoys detailing. He was awarded the Desnoyers Mercure et associés scholarship in 2013.

Emmanuelle Dorais, m.arch.

Emmanuelle est constamment à la recherche des meilleures pratiques en architecture. Ses études universitaires l’ont menées de Montréal à Barcelone, puis à Copenhague. Son expérience avec Saucier + Perrotte ​Architectes​ ​​a enrichi sa démarche conceptuelle tant au plan artistique que technique. Sensible au contexte et aux traditions locales, elle s’investit pour une architecture de qualité et profondément humaine.

Raphaël Thibodeau, m.arch.

Photographer, videomaker but also as a master graduate in architecture, Raphaël makes good use of his communication skills to help our firm grow. As a photographer, but also as an architectural intern, he is working part time with L. McComber since 2015.

Pascale Barrette-Brisson, administration

Professionnal magager with a broad knowledge in health care organisations, Pascale has been our strategic advisor since the firm was founded in 2005. Since 2015, she has devoted her career to managing our administrative, financial and human resources.