L. McComber — Living architecture

L. McComber is an architecture and design firm known for the accuracy of its interventions and for its great sensitivity to the context. From the construction of residential dwellings on unusual sites, to the design of niche businesses, to the transformation of cramped or unloved residences, each project combines the power of evocation with the rigour of execution.

The firm’s numerous awards and various publications reflect the community’s interest in its work. With his motto “build less, build better“, L. McComber constantly seeks to innovate in order to better optimize our precious resources. Every strategy adopted by the team is aimed at reducing the firm’s carbon footprint and creating a living architecture !

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Awards and Prizes

Grand Prix du Design, Off Plaza — Lauréat 2020
Est-Nord-Est résidence d’artiste, finaliste — 2018
Prix d’excellence OAQ, Boulangerie Guillaume II, finaliste — 2017
Vivre le chantier Sainte-Cath, finaliste — 2016
Prix Frédéric-Metz, Boulangerie Guillaume — Lauréat 2015
Grand Prix du Design, Clinique Diaphane — Lauréat 2015
Prix d’excellence OAQ, Juliette aux combles — finaliste 2015
Prix d’excellence OAQ, Clinique Diaphane — finalistes 2015
Prix d’excellence OAQ, Lauréat Lignes aériennes — Lauréat 2009