• Father, yogi, cyclist and business owner, Laurent is first and foremost an architect at heart. In 2005, he founded his agency and obtained his general contractor’s licence. Until 2012, L. McComber offered a combined service of architectural design and construction. At the same time, Laurent teaches building physics at the Université de Montréal. Involved in his community, he works as a writer for the pan-Canadian professional architectural exam. His vast experience on the construction site and his ability to turn complex ideas into elegant, practical and ecological solutions make him an outstanding architect.

  • Olivier has a track record of success since joining the firm in 2014. He became a partner in 2019 and handles major projects with a constant commitment to quality. His passion for sports and wellness facilities has enabled him to develop a unique expertise within the firm, which includes the design of two climbing centres. His taste for lean architecture is expressed in projects that showcase our local heritage. His pragmatic realism in designing details as well as organizing space has made him an architect valued by all!

  • As a real mother, Pascale takes care of her team like she would her own children! She has been involved in the expansion of the firm since its creation in 2005. After a master’s degree in management, doctoral studies in administration and several years as a manager in the health sector, she became a partner and director of administration in 2019. She brilliantly manages human and financial resources in addition to being at the heart of the firm’s strategic planning and development.

  • Mindful of the need for responsible resource management, Emmanuelle makes her knowledge available to everyone. The recent remodelling of her own plex has taught her valuable experience in construction. As an outstanding project leader, she is dedicated to the development of quality architecture. Her professional career with leading firms and her international academic studies have contributed to her conceptual approach, which in return makes the firm really shine!

  • After modeling dough, playing with Legos and performing a master’s degree in architecture at the University of Montreal, Jérôme decided to use his experience in carpentry and woodworking to build his own cottage in the Laurentians. Proud of the outcome of this perilous venture, he experiments the full cycle of architecture from ideation to construction. His vision results in projects that are simple, daring, but most of all, comfortable! 

  • From sketches to site supervision, Maryse is involved at every stage of the project, leaving no question unanswered! Her background in interior design makes her an architect who is sensitive to detail and who values cosy and warm atmospheres. Open to the world, Maryse is inspired by her experiences abroad to constantly renew her practice. Since she joined L. McComber, she stands out by her sense of autonomy and her great rigour.

  • Guillaume’s smile is matched only by his cheerfulness.  It was studying fashion design and art history that led him to discover his passion for architecture. He approaches the practice from a rich and varied perspective, focusing on eco-responsible and functional projects whose beauty lies in their simplicity. These values brought him to L. McComber where he expands his knowledge of wood construction techniques, passive standards and universal design. A lover of quality, he has an eye for detail and takes pride in a job well done.

  • Josianne is a multi-talented architect. After a bachelor’s degree in environmental design, a technical degree and a master’s degree in architecture, she chose to focus her practice on the realization of human-scale projects. Her multidisciplinary background is reflected in the way she approaches design with a global vision. Curious and sensitive to fine details, she invests herself with care in the realization of each project so that architecture can make ambitions become reality!

  • Since his master’s degree in architecture at the University of Montreal, Olivier has been interested in the development of architectural heritage as a cultural and environmental opportunity. This interest combined with his experience in environmental design is reflected in his recent projects, including the requalification of the Old Misericorde Hospital in Montreal. He now combines his passion for heritage with his design talent to better express the various practices at L. McComber.