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Our mission is to shape your living spaces. We create pleasant environments that age gracefully. 


To create a place that meets your needs, we first want to understand you. Our active listening skills enable us to synthesize your aspirations and constraints into an architectural project that matches your vision.


We approach all our projects with an inclusive and innovative spirit. Our inventive solutions allow us to adapt to a wide range of clients looking for a human and creative approach.


Our art combines inventiveness and technical rigor. Our professional guidance is relevant and knowledgeable. We design all our plans with precision and efficiency. 


Working as a team with experts and craftspeople means we can solve complex construction challenges. Our proactive nature helps to streamline processes involving multiple parties. Each project is delivered with diligence, integrity and respect.


We are proud to be involved in your project, as much for its success as for its social and environmental impact. Our involvement makes a lasting contribution to Quebec society and its economy.


Implementing your project goes beyond the design stage. We’re with you every step of the way, ensuring that every detail is carefully planned and executed. Let us be your guide, and get ready for a truly memorable experience !

Living architecture is the act of building sensitive, innovative spaces, and above all, the art of doing so in complete harmony !

  • Laurent McComber
    Architect Founder

    Father, yogi, cyclist and business owner, Laurent is first and foremost an architect at heart. In 2005, he founded his agency and obtained his general contractor’s licence. Until 2012, L. McComber offered a combined service of architectural design and construction. At the same time, Laurent teaches building physics at the Université de Montréal. Involved in his community, he works as a writer for the pan-Canadian professional architectural exam. His vast experience on the construction site and his ability to turn complex ideas into elegant, practical and ecological solutions make him an outstanding architect.

  • Olivier Lord
    Architect Partner

    Olivier has a track record of success since joining the firm in 2014. He became a partner in 2019 and handles major projects with a constant commitment to quality. His passion for sports and wellness facilities has enabled him to develop a unique expertise within the firm, which includes the design of two climbing centres. His taste for lean architecture is expressed in projects that showcase our local heritage. His pragmatic realism in designing details as well as organizing space has made him an architect valued by all!

  • Pascale Barrette-Brisson
    Administrative Director Partner

    As a real mother, Pascale takes care of her team like she would her own children! She has been involved in the expansion of the firm since its creation in 2005. After a master’s degree in management, doctoral studies in administration and several years as a manager in the health sector, she became a partner and director of administration in 2019. She brilliantly manages human and financial resources in addition to being at the heart of the firm’s strategic planning and development.

  • Maryse Allard

    From sketches to site supervision, Maryse is involved at every stage of the project, leaving no question unanswered! Her background in interior design makes her an architect who is sensitive to detail and who values cosy and warm atmospheres. Open to the world, Maryse is inspired by her experiences abroad to constantly renew her practice. Since she joined L. McComber, she stands out by her sense of autonomy and her great rigour.

  • Josianne Ouellet-Daudelin, m. arch. – portrait au Off Plaza par Cindy Boyce
    Josianne Ouellet-Daudelin

    Josianne is a multi-talented architect. After a bachelor’s degree in environmental design, a technical degree and a master’s degree in architecture, she chose to focus her practice on the realization of human-scale projects. Her multidisciplinary background is reflected in the way she approaches design with a global vision. Curious and sensitive to fine details, she invests herself with care in the realization of each project so that architecture can make ambitions become reality!

  • Mélanie Mousseau, arch. – portrait au Off Plaza par Cindy Boyce
    Mélanie Mousseau

    Aware of the many present-day environmental challenges, Mélanie uses materials with great care. Both in terms of space quality and fine details, she brings materials to life in each project. Her study trip to Japan has made her aware of the importance of design in optimizing resources in cities. Today, she is dedicated to the pursuit of an architecture that is both expressive and sustainable.

  • Anne-Frédéric Blais
    M. Arch.

    Passionate about design and architecture, Anne-Frédéric is sensitive to the importance of these disciplines in our daily lives. She loves to give the environments where she intervenes a second life by making the most out of underused spaces. Her curious nature, openness to others and sensitivity to her environment are reflected in her architecture, which is both very personal and timeless. Her broad experience in reputed studios from Montreal to Vancouver now contributes to the firm’s highly diversified practice.

  • Frédérick Langevin
    B. Sc. Arch.

    Patient and committed, Frédérick has been interested in architecture since his childhood. His technical and professional training testifies to his sensitivity and pragmatism. Committed to improving the quality of our living environments, he likes to propose simple solutions that minimize our carbon footprint without compromising elegance. His high organizational skills enable him to plunge with confidence into each and every project he undertakes.

  • Markhly Delva
    B. Sc. Arch.

    Dedicated and committed, Markhly values teamwork. Versatile, he has been involved at every scale of design from his technical background at Vanier College to his studies abroad in Brussels. His passions for fashion and design make him a well-informed precursor. He believes in an architecture that speaks to everyone. With great attention to detail, he uses people as a sincere source of inspiration.

Awards and Prizes

Grand Prix du Design, Studio du PAS — Lauréat Platine 2023
Grand Prix du Design, 70’s Dream — Grand Lauréat 2023
Prix d’excellence OAQ, Studios du PAS — finaliste 2023
Grand Prix du Design, Innovaderm Recherches — Lauréat Or et Platine 2021
Grand Prix du Design, Café Bloc — Lauréat Argent 2021
Grand Prix du Design, Clinique du Haut Richelieu — Lauréat Argent 2021
Grand Prix du Design, Maison-Jardin — Lauréat Argent 2020
Prix d’excellence OAQ, Off Plaza — Lauréat 2020
AZ Awards, Off Plaza — finaliste 2020
Grand Prix du Design, Off Plaza — Lauréat 2020
Est-Nord-Est résidence d’artiste, finaliste 2018
Prix d’excellence OAQ, Boulangerie Guillaume II, finaliste 2017
Vivre le chantier Sainte-Cath, finaliste 2016
Prix Frédéric-Metz, Boulangerie Guillaume — Lauréat 2015
Grand Prix du Design, Clinique Diaphane — Lauréat 2015
Prix d’excellence OAQ, Juliette aux combles — finaliste 2015
Prix d’excellence OAQ, Clinique Diaphane — finalistes 2015
Prix d’excellence OAQ, Lauréat Lignes aériennes — Lauréat 2009


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