My real estate project

My real estate project

The market is changing, let’s shape it together

To grow your real estate portfolio, you need more than a plot of land – you need a vision ! In assessing the potential of a development site, we consider both its density and its qualities. Harmonizing volumes and their integration also means creating the greatest possible value by optimizing available surface areas. Our experience with developers gives us an in-depth understanding of the many issues involved in the real estate market. With boroughs and municipalities, we are strategic and efficient. By interpreting bylaws, we find solutions tailored to the specific constraints of each site under study. Since 2005, we’ve created tools to produce the best possible permit, sale and construction documents. Trust us to make your investment an architectural project you’ll be proud of ! 


Assessment of your project's scope of work and constraints.


Drafting of a proposal outlining our mandate, fees, target schedule and estimated construction budget.


Client-architect contract signature.


On-site survey, drafting, legal assessment and kick-off meeting to clarify your expectations and summarize your needs.

drawings & specifications
schematic design

Interior and exterior design of your project, with both 2D and 3D line drawings.


Revised project drawings including specifications required by the city, such as elevations, forms, calculations and updated construction budget.

design development

Revised plans for permit including construction assemblies, initial engineering coordination and enlarged part plans as required.

construction documents

Detailed plans for your project, including engineering coordination, technical information and building specifications.


Invitation to contractors to bid. Analysis of quotations and assistance in negotiating. Analysis of proposals and assistance in negotiating the construction contract between client and builder.


Site visits at sufficient intervals to assess overall compliance with architectural plans.


Substantial completion when the premises can be put to their intended use.

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