Clinique Face MD

Westmount Aesthetic Clinic undergoes a major glow up !

Renowned ENT and cervico-facial surgeon Dr. Sami Moubayed sought a commercial space to expand his cosmetic surgical clinic in Westmount. Acquiring the former jewelry box factory, erected in 1932 by the London Paper Box Company, presented an intriguing challenge. Characteristic of Montreal’s Southwest, this two-storey industrial heritage building built of mass timber on load-bearing brick walls accommodated two commercial spaces converted into offices. How could the first floor of this century-old space be reimagined into a modern medical-aesthetic clinic ?

The main entrance on rue Saint-Jacques welcomes visitors into a spacious open-plan reception area and waiting room adorned with a striking olive tree. Bathed in natural light, this inviting space remains vibrant year-round, leading seamlessly to a corridor accessing the treatment rooms. The arrangement of the nineteen new rooms maximizes the possible simultaneous treatments while minimizing staff requirement. Each room benefits from a window or interior glazing to diffuse natural light. The low-slung dark volume of the rooms contrasts the slim douglas fir columns and its bright exposed decking.

The cozy yet refined atmosphere, enhanced by lush indoor greenery, evokes the tranquil ambiance of luxurious medispas. A chic and timeless palette, rich in natural textures and hues, adorns the space. From the luminous linen curtains to the champagne tones of the furnishings, the textured wallpaper’s tawny black, and the granite countertops, every detail exudes elegance.

Despite stringent timelines, the industrial building’s metamorphosis is a great achievement ! Creative solutions optimized the limited space, overcoming complex functional constraints. The lighting and exposed ventilation strategy enhances the industrial feel of this historic factory, culminating in a remarkable rehabilitation. For the former Westmount clinic, it’s a true glow up !


L. McComber - architecture vivante


Maryse Allard, Josianne Ouellet-Daudelin, Laurent McComber


Clinique Face MD


Derrig & Talbot




Sud-Ouest, Montréal


7400 sf