Les Répliques

Four families enjoy beneficial densification in their new Rosemont duplex

Steps away from the Botanical Gardens, a through lot was eagerly awaiting densification. Bordered by wooded properties to the north and recent condos to the south, its vacant frontage on Charlemagne Avenue was divided into two lots for development. How could quality living spaces for families be created on such shallow parcels? The architects’ answer was to stack two two-story dwellings on each lot. 

The duplexes are each made up of an orangey brick projecting volume on the first two floors, topped by a recessed metal cladding volume on the third. Repeated from one lot to the next, the ensemble creates a nice rhythm one would want to continue on adjacent lots to the north. As a finishing touch, a pattern of recesses of varying widths in the cladding accentuates the verticality and emphasizes the regular alignment of the generous openings. At the entrances, wide staircases provide an invitation to dawdle and to chat with neighbors. At the rear, a courtyard and generous overhanging balcony provide each family with an outdoor space to bask among the trees. Inside each unit, a service block organizes circulation and ensures adequate separation between spaces. Welcome to Les Répliques, a fine example of fruitful infill enlivening the already vibrant neighborhood of Rosemont!


L. McComber – architecture vivante


Jérôme Lemieux, Olivier Lord, Laurent McComber


Construction Mathieu Champagne





Raphaël Thibodeau


Rosemont, Montréal


3 700 sf (4 units)