Restaurant Crudessence  |  

Design a restaurant serving organic food in the basement of a greystone building on Mackay Street.

The space is divided into three sections: boutique, bistro and dining room. Retro-lit Kombucha bottles and a long concrete counter of recycled glass aggregate act as a bridge between the bistro and the boutique sections. The rusticity of the larch plank flooring, the recycled spruce furniture and the existing bricks contrast nicely with the smooth surfaces of the custom stainless steel furniture and the painted glass slate. The space is entirely illuminated with LEDs – a first in Canada. The light casings were designed by Philippe Allard and the mosaic by atelier Nayan. To learn more, visit

Architecture |  L. McComber ltée

Team  |  Jean-Philipe Bellemare, Laurent McComber

Construction  |  Self-construction

Publication  |  La Presse – octobre 2010

Location  |  Centre-ville, Montréal

Year  |  2010

Photography  |  Steve Montpetit