A food counter carved in solid cherry tree sits in a health-foods supermarket franchise.

Raw, organic and vegan, the Crudessence concession stand offers beneficial nourishment that requires no cooking whatsoever. The appliances that are used are therefore intended to preserve the freshness of the food, as well as to cut, grind, mix, assemble and serve it. Covering an area of only 200 square feet, the concession stand includes a freezer, a standing refrigerator, a large refrigerated assembly table, a refrigerated display, a cash register and a sink. All equipment, backsplashes, countertops and integrated furnishings are built using stainless steel for maximum durability, as well as to generate a sense of safety and freshness. They are the heart and soul of what is presented as a machine to extract the vital essence of quality food. The core is wrapped in a freestanding shell whose unusual organic appearance intrigues clients and onlookers. Built from digitally cut solid cherry timber, it resembles the peel of a fruit or the shell of a walnut. Depending on the observer’s point of view, the shell either closes itself to hide part of the core, or opens up to invite passer-by’s and shoppers to take a breather and give in to an exquisite revitalization.


L. McComber – architecture vivante


Maurice Martel, Laurent McComber


Usimm, Equinox





L. M. Chabot


Quartier Dix30, Brossard