L. McComber – 10 ans d’architecture vivante

Cathon, Saturnome and Raphaël Thibodeau celebrate the firm’s tenth anniversary with comics and a video!

Laurent McComber explains his vision of architecture: the importance of relationships built around the project, the use of technology and the importance of craftspeople in the creative process. Surrounded by his team David Grenier, Olivier Lord, Philip Staszewski and Pascale Barrette-Brisson, he presents Cathon & Saturnome’s comic-biography. He celebrates with a double IPA special anniversary edition called Hutchison. Juliette Dumont (artist), Paul Duchaine (craftsman welder), Alain Pocquat (cabinetmaker), Guillaume Vaillant (baker) and Danielle Brassard (doctor) explain what the work of the architect brings to their daily lives and their practices.

Scenario, sound recording, camera and editing by Raphaël Thibodeau. Original music by Mathieu Beaudet & Raphael Thibodeau.


L. McComber – architecture vivante




Montréal, QC, Canada