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International architectural competition, finalist 2011
Maison de la nature

Architectural competition for La Maison de la nature et de l’environnement on Saint-Pierre & Miquelon islands, a French territory off Newfoundland’s coast.

Built in collaboration with the Parisian firm Encore Heureux, the building acts as a response to the island’s environmental constraints and rural context. Its simple and emblematic geometry makes it modest and welcoming. The project is developing into a three-level promenade that gravitates around the exhibition space. The house’s gables open onto a lavish view of the public square to the north and, to the south, onto a closed, educational garden whose walls protect the vegetation from spray drifts. The promenade culminates on the summit of the building in the form of a covered lookout that offers to visitors a view of the horizon, the port, as well as nature and its environment.


Encore Heureux & L. McComber


Nicola Delon, Julien Chopin, Laurent McComber




3D Encore Heureux




International architectural competition, finalist 2011