Naada Yoga 2

A larger practice room and a new infrared sauna for the famous yoga studio!

Famous Montréal yoga studio Naada could no longer keep up with the ever-increasing demand. Taking over an old residential loft and an out-of-service lift, its surface area on the second floor nearly doubled in size. The large studio is most breathtaking, with its Russian plywood practice walls and bamboo flooring. Making the most of the available space, the lockers, toilet stalls and showers line one wall that then turns and leads to the sauna and osteopathic treatment rooms. Boasting natural poplar throughout, the infrared sauna flows into a grey porcelain ceramic shower. Welcome to Naada II, an understated, efficient extension evocative of the studio’s very essence where a cluttered mind can unwind.


L. McComber – architecture vivante


Olivier Lord, Philip Staszewski, David Grenier, Emmanuelle Lauzier, Laurent McComber




Naada Yoga


Mile-End, Montreal


3400 pc