La maison de Mlle Dumpling

The tiny restaurant of Plaza Saint-Hubert doubles its size 

The preparation of dumplings is an ancient family tradition from northern China, where Dan Yu, the owner of the restaurant, comes from. The convivial and artisanal experience surrounding the preparation of this Chinese dumpling already charmed the regular customers of this unpretentious Plaza Saint-Hubert institution. The century-old building in which this restaurant was located presented a significant maintenance deficit. 

The transformation of the ground floor allowed the merging of two stores into one. On the second floor, a trigenerational dwelling is home to the Yu family. Finally, the growing clientele of the small restaurant is welcomed in a space worthy of their favorite ravioli! Downstairs, the more spacious and functional kitchen benefits from a service entrance on the alley. The dining room opens onto a new storefront window that highlights the artisanal production of dumplings. Thanks to a suspended mirror, people passing by the Plaza can now enjoy a bird’s eye view of the dedicated work of Mademoiselle Dumpling’s staff. Thank you, little hands that make such delicious dumplings!


L. McComber – architecture vivante


Olivia Daigneault Deschênes, Olivier Lord, Jérôme Lemieux, Emmanuelle Dorais et Laurent McComber


Indigo construction




Rosemont, Montréal


4 100 sf