Tomer’s flat  |  

Reorganization of the interior circulation and design of integrated furniture in an apartment in Old Montreal.

After taking possession of this apartment in Old Montreal, the client wanted to make a series of small interior interventions: replacement of doors, installation of a bench in the entrance, built-in beds and desks and the construction of integrated shelves and wardrobes. The finished product had to be sober and classical. The specially designed furniture is made from solid oak panels, stained white. Framing a windows and doors, the furniture makes elegant use of the limited space available. Every detail is reduced to its simplest expression: reveals, straight wooden edges.

Architecture |  L. McComber ltée

Team  |  David Grenier, Laurent McComber

Construction  |  AK Nova

Location  |  Old Montreal

Year  |  2014

Photography  |  Steve Montpetit