Agrandissement arrière avec piscine
Façade avant et agrandissement arrière + piscine
Salle à manger dans l'agrandissement
Cuisine avec ilôt
Ilôt de cuisine + détail comptoir entre la cuisine et le salon
Coin bureau à proximité de la cuisine + détail d'ébénisterie
Escalier + détail main courante
Chambre à l'étage + détail Ébénisterie bureau
Salle de bain à l'étage
Chambre principale à l'étage avec plafond cathédrale+ détail d'ébénisterie
Façade arrière existante
Façade arrière en chantier
Perspective à la ligne de l'agrandissement
Bonnes Grâces

A restored and extended family home in NDG!

How to enlarge and modernize a charming 1950’s residence without spoiling it ? This is the challenge that this young family set for the remodelling of their new home. Located a short walk from Monkland promenade in the beautiful Notre-Dame-de-Grâce district, the building was not particularly appealing with its small gloomy kitchen, its narrow entrance and its outdated interiors. By building an extension for the dining room and master bedroom on the south side of the lot, the house enjoys many more generous views of the spacious backyard. All built-in furnishings, from the kitchen to the small office, closets and vanities, are finished in white oak, just like the new windows with their deep frames.
Outside, the dark blue stained cedar siding complements the typical Montreal red clay brick. The pitched roof follows the angle of the existing false mansard. The whole is harmonious, warm and welcoming. Decidedly, the young family is in heaven in this charming house from another century!


L. McComber – architecture vivante


David Grenier, Philip Staszewski, Emmanuelle Lauzier, Olivier Lord, Laurent McComber







Notre-Dame-de-Grâces, Montreal, Qc


1 650 sf