Façade avant
Ilôt de cuisine
banquette Séjour + Comptoir cuisine
Banquette Séjour
Escalier + Détail Garde-Corps
Vestibule double hauteur + détail garde-corps
Salle de bain + chambre principale avec Walk-in
Chambre à coucher
Façade arrière
Coupe Perspective
Avant - Façade arrière
Avant - Façade avant

A post-war house opens up to the Cité-Jardin !

How to live in the city without compromising high quality outdoor spaces? Located in the heart of the “Cité-Jardin du Tricentenaire”, the small serial house type MC1 takes up the challenge! Rethought from the inside, it is now adapted to the needs of a young family. The strategic transformation of its dormer window increases the living space upstairs while maintaining its original footprint. The compact and functional living spaces on the first floor are organized around a central circulation and offer numerous visual breakthroughs to the outside. The soft and homogeneous palette of interior finishes contrasts with the site’s lush vegetation.

The quality of the intervention is based on its simplicity. In respect with the historical context of this post-war neighborhood, the original features of the small house have been maintained, preserving its charm. The new, very generous openings at the rear transform the residence into a veritable observation and interaction device with the garden. This approach enhances the ideals that founded this low-density urban development, which still serves as a model for rethinking the city… in times of pandemic !


L. McComber – living architecture


Patrice Lebel, Olivier Lord, Emmanuelle Dorais, Jérôme Lemieux, Olivia Daigneault-Deschênes, , Laurent McComber





Cité-Jardin, Rosemont, Montréal


2715 sf