Double foyer

Major interior remodeling of a single-family home in Cartierville 

Built by a developer nearly twenty years ago, this single-family residence no longer suited the needs of the family who had lived there since the birth of their children. The cramped kitchen, separated from the former boudoir and living room, took little advantage of the natural light available on the site. 

By transforming the boudoir into a large dining room and opening it to the kitchen, the interior of the house took on a whole new look. Many of the original components, including the staircase and the floors, were restored. The addition of integrated furniture, including the desk and its library on the second floor and the dish cabinet on the ground floor, opened up the space. The patio door was replaced by a high window to extend the kitchen to the exterior walls and provide a double view of the courtyard and the new living room. The happy family can now see clearer with these two beautiful openings, nicknamed the “bifocals”!


L. McComber – architecture vivante


Patrice Lebel, Emmanuelle Dorais, Jérôme Lemieux, Olivia Daigneault-Deschênes, Olivier Lord, Laurent McComber


Construction Yannick Robert




Raphaël Thibodeau


Cartierville, Montréal, Qc