Grand Bercail

A family home now part of the Terrasses de Cap-à-l’Aigle collection in Charlevoix

November 2021. The architects visit the luxurious rental homes on this breathtaking mountain above La Malbaie in Charlevoix. Cantilevers, curtain walls, floating terraces, garden roofs and recessed residences: these architect-designed homes are bursting with creativity. How do you build a rental villa that blends in naturally with Charlevoix’s imposing, craggy landscapes? How can you create a warm, family-friendly environment while limiting your carbon footprint?

With its large gallery overlooking the river and its majestic metal roof, Le Grand Bercail evokes a sense of timelessness. A contemporary Maison Québécoise, it is as comforting as it is astonishing. Built to take advantage of the sun’s rays in winter and multiply views in all seasons, it uses its large roof overhangs to reduce overheating during heatwaves. Its hyper-insulated walls, roof and glazing (40% more than required) and excellent airtightness (0.35 CAH) make it a house that stays cool in summer and warm in winter. The delicacy of its setting between the trees and its palette inspired by boreal tones give the impression that it has always existed. 



L. McComber – architecture vivante


Olivier Lord, Olivier Lauzon, Maryse Allard, Laurent McComber




Poincaré Experts-Conseils Inc, ingénieur en structure




Cap-à-l'Aigle, La Malbaie


2 800 sf