clinique D diaphane  |  

A trivial space is transformed into a cutting edge and welcoming dermatology clinic.

Despite its large windows facing east onto Avenir Boulevard and south onto the Montmorency metro station parking lot in Laval, the current office—home to a paediatric clinic since 2006—is dark and uninspiring. Exposing the ceiling and knocking down walls transforms this into a large open-plan space with translucent elements serving different functions within the clinic, letting the abundant natural light filter in all around. Six examination rooms, featuring frosted glass ceilings, are set back and form a long white wall punctuated by six high wooden doors. With its imposing opalescent glass wall and lowered ceiling, the relaxation room next to the entrance and waiting room looks like a bright, almost glowing cube. Light therapy machines sit imposingly in the centre, behind reception. The curved glass walls that encapsulate them give away their function, as they emit an entrancing purple light when in operation. A long, solid ash reception desk wraps around this central core, forming a “U” with an entrance on either of the two ends: dermatology (main entrance) and light therapy (secondary entrance). The signage, graphically striking and seamlessly weaved into the architecture, is designed by Atelier Chinotto. The invigorating light alone that bathes the entire space has the power to heal! Clinique D diaphane—brought to life by light! Read the full story or see the full set of drawings.

Architecture |  L. McComber ltée

Team  |  David Grenier, Laurent McComber

Consultants  |  Atelier Chinotto

Construction  |  Brago construction

Distinction  |  Grands Prix du Design 2016 – Finaliste prix d'excellence de l'OAQ 2015

Publications  |  Leibal – september 2015, Kollectif – september 2015, gooood (hong kong) – october 2015, Domus – may 2016, ArchDaily – june 2016

Location  |  Laval, Québec

Year  |  2015

Superficie  |  2 950

Budget  |  450 000

Photography  |  Raphaël Thibodeau