vue de l'aire ouverte et de l'escalier
entrée de la maison et aire ouverte
cuisine et escalier
cuisine et escalier
détails de l'escalier
salle à manger
terrasse en bois
accès à la terrasse
cour arrière et terrasse
façade avant
façades avant et latérale existantes
chantier intérieur
plan du rez-de-chaussée
perspective 3D de l'aire ouverte
Northcliffe 911

Rescue of a semi-detached single-family home in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

This beautiful house, more than a century old, had been suffering from serious foundation problems for many years. The condition of the building’s structure required a complete underpinning and total interior stripping. Given the scope of demolition, how could the soul of this house built in 1917 be preserved? 

The main original components of the façade were restored: the wooden solarium over the entrance porch was repaired, the red clay brickwork was repointed, the tinwork was repainted and the stained glass windows were reinstalled. At the rear, a large cedar deck arcs around the driveway. Inside, the new white kitchen contrasts with the black, raw steel staircase. In addition to improving acoustics, the herringbone pattern of the stairwell brick catches the zenithal light. All other interior finishes echo the old palette of stained red oak and white plaster. The rescue operation was a success: the Northcliffe house is alive and well!


L. McComber – architecture vivante


Philip Staszewski, David Grenier, Olivier Lord, Laurent McComber


Delfort conseils, structure
Géoposition, arpentage
Atelier Gris, métaux ouvrés







Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Montréal


3 660 sf